Instruction documents in PDF format.

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First up, grab this excellent document from that'll give you some great tips on soldering and general board fettling.

We've got our own document explaining some ins and outs of basic component recognition etc. More will be added shortly. download THE BASICS

19 Bells
7 of Dwarves Auto Wah
AB Switch
Acti-Boost Ampegulator
Analog-Like Echo
Astro Tone
Astro Tone - 2016 version
Axis Fuzz - V2
Axis Fuzz - V3
Bad Mofo Bass Overdrive
Ball Breaker - V2
Ball Breaker
Big Fat Balls
Bass Pig Boost
Bazz Fuzz
Bee Juice
Bee Juice - V2
Big Beefy Preamp
Big Beefy Preamp - V2
Big Muff Pi
Big Muff Pi - new Multi-Muff
Big Muff Pi - Bass Blender
Bionic Guzz Fun
Bionic Guzz Fun - Board-Mounted Pot Version
Blue Fool
Box of Krunch
Brian May Treble Boost - Original version
Brian May Treble Boost - Mk II
Boner Boost - V2
Boner Boost - V3
Jordan Bosstone - original PCB
Jordan Bosstone v2
Box of Tone 50
Brass Master - Original
Brass Master - MkII
BuzzAround - V1
Buzzaround - V2
Cab Sim
Candyman - V3
Candyman - Red PCB
Candyman - White PCB
Capacitor Switcher
Cherub Chorus
Cherub Chorus - B-Stock
Chilly Biscuit - V1
Chilly Biscuit - V2
Clay Jones Overdrive
Clipping Switcher
Clock of Tone
Colorsound Tremolo
Cream Buff
Dirt Dessert
Dirt Dessert - Mk II
Dirty Kazoo
Disorder Drive - Mk I
Disorder Drive - Mk II
Dumb Lloyd - V1
Dumb Lloyd - V2
Doubledown Boner Boost
EA Tremolo - older version
EA Tremolo - Mk II
Echo Blue - V1
Echo Blue - V2
Echo Blue - V3
EMpathy Drive - Original Version
EMpathy Drive - Mk II
English Channel
Engorged Gherkin
Enlightened OD
EPic Boost
Fat-Ass Blooper
Fat Furry Freak - Wired pots
Fat Furry Freak - Board-mounted pots
Fat Furry Freak - vertical format
Figaro Drive
Filthy FACK! - Wired pots
Filthy FACK! - Board-mounted pots - V2
Filthy FACK! - Board-mounted pots - V3 (Direct Connect)
Filthy FACK! - Vertical configuration
Finger of Fuzz
Fuzz Face - Board-mounted pots
Fuzz Face - Wired pots
Fuzz Face - Mini
Fuzz Rite
Fuzz Rite - V2
Fuzzy Muff
FY2 - original
FY2 - Mk II
Graphic Fuzz
Greasy Tool
Greasy Tool - V2
Green Stinger
The Guv
HF Modulator
HaraKiri Overlord Fuzz
Harmonic Energiser
Harmonic Percolator - V2
Harmonic Percolator - V3
Hell Gazer
Hot Snake
Hum Buster
Impossibility Drive
IC78 Muff
IC78 Muff - V2
Joy Drive
Joy Drive - V2.0
Juicy Blue Bass Overdrive
Karlito Loves Fuzz
Klon Buffer
L'il Louie
Little Screamer
Little Screamer - V2
Llamatron - V2
Llamatron - V3
Mad Mule
Mad Mule - v2 (white pcb)
Mega (HI) Watt
Moon Unit
Morning Wood
Mucky Hush
Muff Gun
One Knob Fuzz - older
One Knob Fuzz - V3
Orange Squeezer Compressor - Original PCB
Orange Squeezer Compressor - Mk II PCB
P45 Phaser - V1
P45 Phaser - V2
Peachy Fuz
Pixel Drive
Plexi - original version
Plexi - Mk II
Plexi - Mk III
Power Pump
Pumped Daughterboard
Pussy King
Quack Machine
Quiet Boost
Ramesses Muff
Range Master - Original
Range Master - MkII
Raw Fuzz - V1
Raw Fuzz - V2
Reasonably Good Mangler
Repeater - V2
Repeater - V3
Rock Box - Wired footswitches
Rock Box - PCB-mount footswitches
Rodent - original version
Rodent - Mk II
Ruby Cricket - wired version
Ruby Cricket - board-mount version
Scrambler - V3
Scrambler - V2
Shred Meister
Skwisher Compressor - Original
Super Skwisher
SoopaCharged OD
Square Wave Fuzz
Stinky Cheese Fuzz
Sunny T
Super Fuzz - v1
Super Fuzz - v2
The Gimp
Throb Tremolo - V4
Thug Deluxe
Tone Bender MkII Pro
Tone Bender MkIII
Tube Screamer
Toxic Minx
Toxic Minx - MkII
Treble Deluxe
Ultimatum Fuzz
Ultr-Fk Fuzz
Ultra Tester
Verb - original
Verb - v2
Vintage POW! - original version
Vintage POW! - New version (MkII)
Vintage Vox Drive
Vox Treble Boost
War Pig
Warp Sound
Wrecktifier - Original (blue)
Wrecktifier - MkII (red)
Wrecktifier - MkII (black)