Wrecktifier - High-Gain Distortion with Boost

Massive distortion for all your chug and djent needs.

NOTE: you may get some squealing on the last bit of the gain pot turn unless you have a buffer in front of this pedal. If you're not happy with that, please don't buy the kit.

Huge gain that is said to resemble the sound of a 5150 amp (not heard one - wouldn't know). Great tone section with a mids control that scoops them right out of existance for a really heavy sound.

Don't write this off as a one-whack wonder though. Turn the gain down a bit and fiddle with the EQ and you have a vast range of tone to play with. Probably the only distortion you'd need. Add the voicing switch into the equation (Hard or Brutal) and you have a complete package.

Includes a post-boost as standard, which some people hate. The stock boost is more a signal-tinkerer that completely changes the overall sound, from nasally fuzz to muffled OD, but there are some interesting sounds to be had. If you're after a straight-up post-boost that will simply give the signal some added oomph then opt for the Boner Boost option. Both boosts are built straight on the main PCB - no need for a separate board

Note: the boost section is not independent. It's only engaged when the distortion is on, as per the original.

Why are there two different coloured PCBs you ask? The Boner Boost implementation on the original red board required some small hacks. This has been rectified on the black boards. If you order a kit with the original boost you'll receive the red PCB (while stocks last) as it requires no hacks.

This latest version includes the option to add an on-board charge pump to run the distortion at 18V while the boost remains at 9V. You can either hard-wire a single voltage, add header pins and a jumper clip to go between them, or a nifty little micro-slide switch.

PLEASE NOTE: This kit is not recommended for beginners. Though it isn't really any harder to put together than any others, the high parts count mean it will be difficult to troubleshoot if it doesn't work first time.

Kit includes sockets for the ICs, though they aren't shown. Image shows the Boner Boost config with jumpers and a hacked resistor. Pot spacing is 23mm - take that into consideration when choosing knobs. The stock vertical-mount pots attach straight to the pcb, and have round shafts so you'll need knobs with set-screw fixing. Wired pots with splined shafts are available as an option. Main PCB connects to daughterboard with a 6-way ribbon cable (supplied).

Partial kit: PCBs, all board-mounted components depending on selected options (not footswitches), pots.

Full kit: As above, plus footswitch and appropriate daughterboard/components for your selected bypass type (see Downloads section for details of those), jack sockets, DC socket, battery snap, hook-up wire, LED.

Enclosure (pre-drilled) is only available with full kits, and will not take a battery. Knobs are not included.

Builds are only available with full kits including enclosure and vertical-mount pots. Please choose appropriate knobs.

Difficulty: Hard

PCB size: 85 x 50mm

Knobs required: 6

Enclosure: 1590BB

Check Specials for powder-coated enclosure availability.

Download the red PCB INSTRUCTION PDF

Download the black PCB INSTRUCTION PDF


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£45.60 inc. tax

£38.00 ex. tax
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Customer Reviews

8 review(s) posted (write review)
A Distortion for all tastes.. 5 product stars
"Yeap, it has a lot of pieces... Very good quality parts, pcb is just amazing! If you take your time (and fun) while building it (and read the freakin manual) it works right away.. and it works as promised! Huge variety of tones, vintage mode is absolutely fantastic while modern will give you more "solid" distorted sounds. Also both 18V and 9V mods have their own "taste" and "flavor", so try them both and decided which suits you best! One thing I noticed is that there is a possibility to encounter a high pitch frequency produced once the gain is turned on (even a little bit), which as it turned out was caused by other pedals powered by the same chain (one of them was causing the problem). If this occurs, you will have to check and use an isolated source, or remove the "incompatible pedal" from the chain (maybe a little fiddling with the capacitor's values in the power section could resolve this as well). In my chain, gain can go up all the way and no squealing sounds (although just for fun I hooked it directly to my amp and there is indeed a squeal after gain passes 75%). Last, but not least, it takes well other pedals before it, I tried a wah pedal, a compressor, a phase (that needed a little re-adjusting to sound good) and a KOT clone as a pre-driver and as it turned out is a pretty "friendly" pedal that gets along with its fellow neighbors!" Dimitrios Kligkopoulos - 25/11/2018
Wreckt'um? Nearly f###ing killed'um! 5 product stars
"I've had several distortion pedals, including an Ibanez SM7 (which I got on with), and a Line 6 Uber Metal (which I couldn't really get a nice sound out of, even with it's large amount of controls). I was therefore a bit concerned about how this would sound, and also fault finding with the nearly 100 parts. But, I am very happy indeed. She worked first time, and sounds bloody fantastic, I'm well happy. And please do the boner boost version, it will brutalise everyone as it's a hell of a booster (I've also got a stand alone one), and doesn't change the tone, it will destroy your audience instead. There's a good amount of control with this pedal too, I am still mucking about with it, and it all sounds great. Unlike the dead, soul-less Uber Metal, this sounds alive, and dangerously healthy. I cannot recommend this pedal highly enough. I have yet to be disappointed by a FuzzDog product, and Lee has always been helpful. I am a bit done in though, because with this pedal, and the gorgeous sounding Harmonic Percolator, I don't really need to build any more! You know I will though, I love it! It's a buzz using a device you have built yourself. I think it's amazing. Cheers Lee. Mick." Mick Jones. - 17/04/2017
Fantastic kit with super high gain metal sound 5 product stars
"This is my 4th build from Fuzz Dog and by far the most straight forward. Although there is a high part count the Direct Connect switch board makes things easy, the pots are board mounted and there is no biasing or tweaking required, it just works. Awesome heavy but tight gain on tap and huge boost with the boner option. My build matched the spec with the only change being changing one LED to blue to match the cloned original. Build images available here: http://imgur.com/gallery/CEuJQ" Tim - 29/01/2017
This little creature is a monster 5 product stars
"I have a Peavey Vegas, which is loud (like Part Chimp loud) but squeaky clean. Who wants that? So I picked up one of these kits with all the options, and love the sheer versatility of it. If you get your EQ right, it sounds great with the gain dialled in anywhere from 2 up to 11. Wasn't expecting that kind of subtlety or range. It even sounds pretty decent with a bass running into it. It's the perfect distortion box for someone as musically indecisive as myself - that said, it's at its best with gain at 11, scooped mids, ridiculous tunings and too many strings." Gareth - 21/11/2016
This is one viscious beast! 5 product stars
"What a magnificent board and pedal this is, and the customer service from FuzzDog himself is unrivaled. There are some truly amazing tones under the hood of this little gem, and the "Hard/Brutal" Switch should not go overlooked - very useful for changing the color and feel of your tone. Keep in mind this beast is not just capable of removing the facial hair from the first 10 rows per se, but dial back the volume and gain a bit, increase the Mids, crank up the Boner Boost, and you will have some beautiful juicy blooming notes at your disposal. I just can't say enough about it. Thanks again FuzzDog for the amazing product and support to our fellow builders and musicians. -Mullet Dave Alta Loma, CA" Mullet Dave - 16/02/2016
Simply brutally excellent! 5 product stars
"Usual fuzzdog quality... This pedal does it all from light overdrive through to brain melting metal tones... You want scooped Mids? you got it... You want Heavy doom laden metal? you got it... Still got the spandex and a bottle of perm lotion from the 80's? go for it... The range of tone from this one box is outstanding... Comes with a boost as well... About the boost, If you buy this kit, get the SHO boost option. you will save yourself the aggro of having to undo some of your hard work when you realise you dont like the original boost... That not to say the original boost is bad, not at all, but its not the most workable boost in a live setup... Get one, get one now!" Poopot - 06/06/2015
I modded mine for use with Bass 5 product stars
"I built the previous version of this kit, the blue one. I would seriously advise socketing your diodes! This pedal has a LOT of gain, far more than most Bassists need. Generally, we need grit in a box and we aren't trying to shunt a valve amp. So with that in mind, this is a nice unit...but the breakup wasn't doing it for me. So I swapped out the primary clipping diodes for a pair of red 3mm LED's. This seems to work a lot better for bass. It's far more responsive and the breakup is sweeter. It's certainly more dynamic too. It's lowered the overall gain...but there's still way more than i need here...especially with the boner boost. The volume control colours the sound a little, where as the boner boost is more hi-fi and cleaner. So i can dial down the vol but push the boost a bit for a more transparent effect. It's a really nice pedal, but it is more suited to guitar than bass. The treble control is a little high and the mids is hitting upper mids on bass. There's a little low end loss, but the bass control easily buffs this back again. I think that the new Righteous kit is a better option for bass...but that's quite new and wasn't available when I built this unit." Gareth Cooper - 03/06/2015
The Djentleman 5 product stars
"This took some building. As mentioned in the description, it's not super hard, there are just lots of components. I laid out a sheet of paper with numbers for each resistor and capacitor and spent a little time before soldering anything laying out every component on its corresponding number, meaning that when I started soldering it was easy and quick, and I was confident that each part was there without scrabbling around. Once built it didn't work, just made a bizarre high pitched squeal that changed pitch with knob turning. I took it out and reflowed all solder joints, taking extra care with the bits where pots met pcb, stuck it all back together and BANG! The heaviest, djentiest, metallest guitar sound I've ever heard. Super controlled, though, really tight. The eq is excellent, there's a lot of diversity available here, each frequency is massively responsive. The mids are particularly fun, scooping out heaps of your tone to leave a scorched wasteland of defined metal grunt. Proper. I opted for the Boner boost, an easy addition (don't forget to power it! I did...) which makes the whole thing a useful stand-alone metal stomper. Think Gojira... Outrageous chugging." TGGD - 26/04/2015

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