Ultra Tester

...or if you prefer the full name - Ultra Mega Testing Contraption.

Full functionality requires a small hack on the build - see the PDF for details to see if you're comfortable with that before purchase. It's simple!

More often than not, all you'll need is the simple tester. Plug in your nice newly-built circuit, find out it works, off you go. Now and again things go wrong, and its time to start fiddling. That's where this beauty comes into its own.

This contraption has a few handy features built in to make testing and troubleshooting a breeze:

  • On-board charge pump providing you with 9V, 18V or -9V supply with the flick of a switch or two.
  • Tone generator with adjustable volume so you have both hands free when troubleshooting rather than having to keep strumming the strings.
  • Audio probe wired right on the board, so your output jack can be switched easily from normal output to probe output.

You can test all Direct-Connect compatible circuits with either 4 or 6-way connections, and any other circuits with standard wired connections for power and In/Out

As everything is totally board-mounted on the tester there's very little to go wrong when building it, fingers crossed.

Invaluable on any builder's bench.

This circuit was put together based on the excellent work of, and in collaboration with, Delyk. Thanks Kyle.

Kit includes: PCB, all components, 3PDT footswitch, high quality jack sockets, DC socket, battery snap, LED. Does not include 4mm socket or test lead for audio probe, but you can just use a length of wire if need be.

Difficulty: Medium

PCB size: 80 x 50mm

Direct-Connect compatible (4- and 6-way)



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£21.00 ex. tax
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