Super Fuzz - Univox / Shin-Ei Companion Fuzz FY6

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Direct Connect compatible (4 way)

PCB size: 50 x 50mm


Pedal Parts


£4.80 inc. tax

£4.00 ex. tax
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Customer Reviews

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Super Heavy 5 product stars
"Wow, this circuit is intense. I opted for the Watson build with just the tone switch. It's the sonic equivalent of a fist fight. This might be my favorite sounding fuzz yet." Clifford - 27/03/2016
A Massive Monster 5 product stars
"I've been building vero pedals for about 18 months now but the parts count meant that I wanted to reduce the likelihood of errors with a PCB. Building from the PCB was a joy. The BOM was clear for ordering parts and the options for diode swap etc were clear. I wired the trimpot holes to an external pot, which I'm not sure was necessary because I've set it to what I like and won't move it and wired the tone switch to one 'throw' of a 3PDT footswitch, which I'm glad I did because the volume levels of the two sounds are close enough to want to flip between them on the fly and the change is dramatic whichever one you flip to. The diode switch is a nice touch, I've chosen a clear favourite (I'm not sure which as I boxed it) but the other option was different enough to be worthwhile. The documentation was clear and simple enough to follow, in fact a beginner would find it equally as hard to populate this PCB as they would a simpler vero project. On to the finished project. I have made clones of some modern high gain fuzzes as well as a Foxx Tone, which I lovw but this pedal is a MONSTER and while youtube demos give you an idea of what it sounds like, you can only hear and feel how nasty it is by playing it. The Scooped setting is trebbley (I play a strat) and abrasive with some octave but not so much that it comes and goes along the neck and the sound is more stable in (stable for a roar of fuzz chaos) than most octave fuzzes. It's really all about the full-tone set" Joey Chickenskin - 13/11/2015

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