Ruby / Noisy Cricket Mini Guitar Amp - board-mounted controls

Based on the magnificent work of RunOffGroove, the Ruby circuit can kick out some serious oomph depending on your choice of speaker. All from a little 9V battery or DC supply (can be supplied with 12V if you really want to push it).

Some clever jiggery-pokery over at Beavis Audio gave birth to a highly modded Ruby, dubbed the Noisy Cricket. This adds a tone control and a 'grit' switch to give it a little more break-up.

Will drive pretty much any speaker with different dynamics depending on size/impedence. A Marshall 4x12" goes from fairly loud clean to louder with decent break-up. A little 4" speaker went from crunchy to full-on screaming.

This new version of the kit comes with board-mounted pots and toggle switches, and is geared towards an amp-head style layout in a 1590B enclosure. See the pics to the left showing the different front panel layouts. Plenty of space inside for a battery too.

Some thought went into how to accommodate a full noisy cricket layout on such a small front panel, and we've ended up ditching the tone pot (no room!) for a three-way tone toggle switch. This is fully adjustable with three internal trimmers, so you set your deep, mid and bright settings then close the lid. Kit is available without the tone switch if you want to keep it really simple, then your overall tone will be set with a single internal trimmer.

If you want to keep things really simple just go for the Ruby, which has no tone at all, just Vol and Gain.

Note: board-mount pots have round shafts, so keep that in mind when choosing your knobs. You'll need some that fix with a set screw.

Enclosure (if chosen) will be drilled to suit the options you've chosen/

Kit includes: PCB, all components, hook-up wire, stereo jack socket, mono jack socket, DC socket, battery snap. Noisy Cricket includes toggle switches. Does not include knobs.

Difficulty: Easy

PCB size: 66 x 22mm

Knobs required: 2



Pedal Parts



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£16.00 ex. tax
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Surprisingly rocking 5 product stars
"This little guy puts out more volume and tone than it has any right to. It does a nice range of clean and crunch sounds. You can get smooth distortion with humbuckers as long as you don't turn everything to 11. Lots of fun. The board-mounted version is a fast, easy build with a clean layout that leaves plenty of room for a battery." StumbleFingers - 12/05/2015

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