Pot Swap

Now here's a handy little plateau of goodness. Simple utility board to switch between two different pots to control one setting on another circuit.

Example: You want to have two different gain settings on your Overdrive. Instead of wiring the Gain pot to the OD circuit, you wire 2 Gain pots to the PotSwap and connect it to the OD. A kick of the footswitch selects between the two different pots.

Multitude of uses. Speed settings on a trem, delay time on a delay... whatever.

The board has been kept tiny (25mm square) in order to fit the smallest space in a build. It still manages to accommodate a current limiting resistor and a tri-colour LED (common Anode), though you can use a normal LED if you want to (or none!).

It is possible to hack a trimmer on there instead of the second pot if you wanted a set-and-forget setting internally. To keep the size down the pads weren't included for this, but you can surface mount one to the second pot pads (I know, I've done it).

Any other functions? Well, it swaps between two devices with three connections each.... transistor swap anyone?



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