Klone - boutique transparent overdrive

You know what it is, and you know you want one. FuzzDog Labs have made it as simple as possible to get yourself a slice of creamy OD pie. Kits now supplied with parts for the Gold versions and the Silver Pony version as reversed by BYOC, including what they claim to be the mythical 'unicorn tears' diodes. Nice work! (Note: not the 10KB volume pot - only 10KA supplied).

  • All new version with board-mounted vertical-pin pots (with round shafts) for even easier build. These are highly recommended but you can opt to wire in normal pots (splined shafts) if you prefer..
  • Footswitch daughterboard has an on-board mini slide switch to choose between buffered or true bypass. You can leave this out and hardwire either option, or you could have an off-board switch if you prefer external control.
  • On-board charge pump. The circuit works at 18v from your standard 9v supply, giving you all the extra headroom of the original pedal.
  • Minimal off-board wiring. The two PCBs connect with a 6-way ribbon cable (unless you want to wire them another way - up to you). The only other wires are to the jacks and DC.
  • Extra capacitors supplied to add some bass to both the clean and drive sections, as well as a bigger cap to make the Treble control a bit nicer.

It all adds up to be the simplest build of this circuit there is (though it is a beast), and it all fits into a standard 1590B enclosure in a vertical 3-knob format.

Partial kit: Both PCBs, all board-mounted components (not footswitch), pots.

Full kit: As above, plus footswitch and appropriate daughterboard/components for your selected bypass type (see Downloads section for details of those), jack sockets, DC socket, battery snap, hook-up wire, LED.

Enclosure (pre-drilled) is only available with full kits, and will not take a battery. Knobs are not included.

Builds are only available with full kits including enclosure and vertical-mount pots. Please choose appropriate knobs.

Difficulty: Medium-hard

PCB size: 50 x 50mm / 24 x 32mm

Knobs required: 3

Enclosure: 1590B

If you want the kit pre-built you must add the enclosure option below and select your knobs in the Components section. Check Specials for powder-coated enclosure availability.


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£36.00 ex. tax
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Customer Reviews

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Just something about it 5 product stars
"This pedal is amazing! at low gain levels it gives that perfect boost without being harsh, with the gain dimed it's bliss, and it stacks brilliantly!" Benjamin - 09/10/2017
Just something about it 5 product stars
"This pedal is amazing! at low gain levels it gives that perfect boost without being harsh, with the gain dimed it's bliss, and it stacks brilliantly!" Benjamin - 09/10/2017
Bass switch! 5 product stars
"Good kit, but I would recommend adding a switch to change between the original capacitor and one that doesn't cut bass as much. As the none bass cut cap changes the tone pot quite a lot. I fitted one next to the output jack, I lead down the capacitors a bit so it'll fit. More tones under my belt. I've a/b'd againt a Soul Food, this has nicer tone although the SF had note gain." Pish - 27/07/2017
Great sounding drive, makes everything else sound better! 5 product stars
"This is a really nice kit. Well laid out and easy to make with clear instructions. The drive on its own sounds great but this things stacks brilliantly! Stick it in the front end of any other drive either as a clean boost or with extra gain and it really sings. Not tried the original but I'm well impressed with the klone kit and at the price you really need to try one." Kerrin - 01/05/2017
Oh. Blimey. 5 product stars
"I bloody love building your kits Lee, and this, along with the Harmonic Percolator, are astounding. It is a really good clean boost for a start, which is very handy. But turn the gain up and it shines, it made my little Fender practice amp sound quite a lot like a valve amp, it's bloody great. So it sounds wicked with a clean tone, and if you have the amp gain up, it drives it into heavy territory, so I can't wait to try it through my Orange amps. Brilliant Lee." Mick Jones. - 17/03/2017
Excellent 5 product stars
"I've built a couple of these. I had an original silver Klon for a while and was able to A/B against the Fuzz Dog one. The latter somehow worked better for me. Which of course was rather fortunate from an economic perspective. Very well laid out and moderately easy to build. I might suggest inserting the diodes from the other side of the board on sockets for those who like to experiment - then you will have access to them after installing everything in the enclosure." Kristian - 27/01/2017
The Centaur Rides 5 product stars
"Well, I bought this kit purely to scratch an itch with a Klon style pedal. I wanted to know what the hype was but I didn't want to spend 2000 on a real one or close to 200 on many of the high end clones, just in the event that it wasn't what I expected. I've been a loyal TS user for years, the TS9 has been my tone for a long time, and almost overnight that's come off the board. This pedal was an easy build and it sounds the business! My tone is so open and articulate. Loads of volume on tap and a surprising amount of gain but it retains the characteristics of my guitar and my playing. WOW... that's all I can say... WOW!" Leigh - 28/10/2016
Best overdrive I've ever played. By far! 5 product stars
"Do I need to add more? it's just amazing. The kit is not the easiest, but it's worth trying it! There are plenty of reviews here that gets into details about its quality, so I'm not going to repeat something already said. Just trust them, they're right." Leo - 20/08/2016
There's just something about it... 5 product stars
"I really don't know if it is because so much has been said about the klon or what, but plug this pedal in and it takes your tone to another level, with out really changing it. Challegin build, rewarding build. Sounds great with both my Strat and LP. Thanks for a great kit!!" Theo - 27/05/2016
continued... 5 product stars
"Oops. Didn't know there was a character limit! Anyway, this isn't really a pedal for producing your core tone. It's for enhancing it. Either an amp or a pedal, it adds oomph for a lead boost or extra dirt. You can push a lightly overdriven amp with it, or stick it in front of a pedal like the BSIAB2 to get a really tight, high gain distortion sound. It's the pedal you didn't know you needed, but when you've got one you don't know how you did without it." John Roberts - 04/11/2015
Very well designed kit. Sounds pants on its own, awesome with something else. A Must-Have pedal. 5 product stars
"I'll be honest, I approached this with a massive dose of scepticism. After building an awful lot of pedals over the last few years, and trying most of the 'booteek' overdrives around, I couldn't see how this was going to be any different. I really only built it to see for myself what all the fuss was about, fully expecting it to be just like all the rest and sit on a shelf in the garage. First off, this kit is the best kit I've built so far - and I've built plenty of them, Fuzz Dog and others! There is a lot of components but the board is well laid out and everything is easy to find. The instructions are clear and the whole process was pretty straight-forward. Wiring up the pots is always my least favourite job, and this kit doesn't have board-mounted pots. However, it does have the switch on board, which massively reduces the amount of wiring. This was a very easy and clean build. In use the buffer is great - never turn it off. The overdrive on its own is fairly meh. Nothing really special, but not offensive. However, stick this in front of something else and you have something awesome. You can set the tone completely neutral so turning the pedal on and off does nothing. Then turn up the level for a clean boost or add extra dirt. The dirt DOES colour the tone slightly. It darkens and thickens it a bit - this seems to be a feature of the original, too. In front of a dirty amp or another overdrive pedal this adds an extra stage of gain, very crisp and very smooth. Lead solos" John Roberts - 04/11/2015
fantastic pedal, great support 5 product stars
"the pedal sounds fantastic and fuzzdog's support is always faster than light! I've done many fuzzdog kits, all great kits. maybe the led-bezel could be better." giorgio - 22/10/2015
The overdrive I've always be looking for 5 product stars
"I've had a fair few overdrives over the years, and always found them too muddy or midrangey. What this one seems to do, is add harmonics and tighten up your sound. It reminds me of a booster slightly driving an AC15, except with the convenience of being able to get that sound at any given volume. Since building it, it hasn't left my pedalboard, is always on, and I've sold 3 of my other overdrives! The kit is brilliantly laid out, making it easy to assemble and fit in the enclosure." Xavier - 23/06/2015
Amazing Kit! 5 product stars
"Managed to assemble this kit in under 3 hours, and what a well thought out kit! Everything fits really well, amazingly neat build to fit in the small case. Had my first play of the pedal today through my tube amp and it sounds incredible! It's a really great sounding overdrive, very responsive and a joy to play with. If you're considering a Klone, get this kit...it's so worth it!" Sam Smith - 05/03/2015
Wish I could do more than 5 stars 5 product stars
"Just finished putting my Klone kit together and HO-LEE-SCHITT. This pedal is absolutely phenomenal. Best overdrive I've had the pleasure of plugging into, bar none. I've never played the real deal before but if it sounds half as good as this, no wonder it's so coveted. The build went real smooth. No hang ups at all really despite the difficulty of the build. Not sure if it's because I'm getting a bit more comfortable each time I build one or what it may be. I am just absolutely blown away so far by the kits I've finished. Keep it up man and you'll find yourself sending plenty more across the pond to my doorstep!" Brandon Borchert - 27/02/2015
Clean and Dirty? 5 product stars
"I purchased this particular OD after a brief discussion with Fuzz Dog HQ. I needed/wanted an OD to give two fender clone amps which I have built a bit of a push, but I didnt want to colour the tone of the amps. This fits the bill exactly. It is a subtle pedal, but pushed my Champ clone into a glorious overdrive at the tap of a switch, same goes for the Deluxe clone. Both amps respond beautifully to this pedal. I do have another home made OD, which is based on a LM308 op-amp, but the subtlety of this OD is just where I want to be. It does make both amps very dynamic and responsive without any harsh clipping, which is another bonus. Also, as a slight aside, the pedal is Hi-Fi quiet, even reducing 50Hz single coil hum to a whisper. In a nutshell: If you want to get Clean boost, no problem; bit of gain, same applies. Boost and gain....oh yes! Do not expect high gain shred with this OD, it is simply not designed for it and will not manage it. This is the perfect pedal to get your pre-amp tubes of choice singing sweetly; I can't imagine being without it.... As ever, the pedal is a piece of cake to put together, due to the excellent design and instructions. An absolute winner as far as I am concerned; Fuzz Dog nails it with this one!" Dave G - 26/01/2015
Nice 5 product stars
"I'd never heard of a klon until recently (sheltered life) and was keen to have a clone as middle aged people like light overdrive. This pedal kit is really well put together - nice circuit board, and nicely fits into the enclosure. During assembly I messed up the arrangement of components - but Lee took the time to help me sort out the problems and get the pedal working. This kind of help inspires confidence in the Poodle Emporium." Antony - 03/01/2014
believe the hype 5 product stars
"I was a little skeptical at first -- putting it in front of a clean amp it adds a bit of thickness and volume, but little more than a clean(ish) boost would. I even wondered whether I'd fried the diodes or made some other cock up. Then I tried it with a mildly driven amp (top boost at 10 o'clock on an AC15). It sounds amazing ... I can safely say that the circuit on which it's based is completely deserving of the hype and praise that's been heaped on it over the years. It's the kind of overdrive sound I've always been looking for, and has banished my Tubescreamer to the shelf forever, I suspect. As ever, a doddle to build thanks to clear instructions and Poodle's email help. But make sure you buy the pre-drilled enclosure on this one--I wouldn't want to attempt to fit the pcb in my own box without a drilling template" James - 17/10/2013
50 and 80 minutes = my new favourite overdrive 5 product stars
"This pedal is very impressive for a bunch of reasons. The first (I'll do this backwards) is the sound. It's an incredible overdrive, very responsive and absolutely transparent, from a clean boost through to beautifully shimmery overdrive. The tone range is extraordinary: from very dull to very bright and further in each direction than you're used to. Volume boost is plenty. And then a bit more. The second reason this is a very impressive package is the design of the PCB. Very tidy and neat, very small for what's actually in there, and as ever super easy to follow instructions. As I found out to my cost it's worth having a few reference sources to hand if you're a newbie, something to help you find resistor codes and capacitor values. Third reason: help from the Poodle. I sent off an email asking for a little guidance, got exactly what I needed super quickly. The whole build took me less than an hour and a half. It would have taken that long to get to a shop to buy an overdrive pedal and back, and it would have cost many times more quids. 50 and 80 minutes = my new favourite overdrive." Steve - 04/10/2013

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