Echo Blue Delay

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Direct Connect compatible (4 way)

PCB size: 50 x 50mm


Pedal Parts


£4.80 inc. tax

£4.00 ex. tax
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Customer Reviews

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Sounds Wonderful 5 product stars
"This was my first non dirt pedal build and I was worried that I might run into some problems but I was able to complete it in one day without a hitch. It sounds far better than I expected too. I can dial in a slap back sound or set it longer. Truth be told, I only build a delay to emulate East Bay Ray's guitar sound on the song Police Truck and was able to dial that in with very easily. Very happy with this build." Clifford - 04/05/2016
Once you go delay, you never go back 5 product stars
"I've been working on vero for a while now with a few dirt pedals (mostly) up my sleeve and this was my first delay/PCB build ever. The board mounted pots make it very stable. Although, I had solder lug pots but used some thick copper wire to solder them directly into the board. The effect itself is so awesome! It's quite dirty and lo-fi but what can you expect from pt2399. Let's say it's got character. Definitely recommend the dirt mod. Even though the delay at longer time settings gets dirty already but maxing out the dirt control will turn this pedal into freakish oscillation through the roof fuzz. It gets very loud! Just because of this, when I build it again I'll use an external 30k pot for volume instead of the trimpot as the "Level" pot only controls the mix between dry and wet With delay time all the way down it creates an interesting submarine-like effect. Very resonant and sonic." Vid - 02/04/2016
Dirty Delay 5 product stars
"Don't get this if you're after nice clean infinite delay. Get this if you want your sound to degrade fairly quickly and a glorious chaotic mess to develop. This is , of course, A Good Thing." tom - 03/07/2014

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