Box of Krunch

More Marshall-in-a-Box fun, and this one doesn't disappoint.

Does what most of these kind of circuits do - give you the oomph of a fully cranked tube head. We've added some extras to this one though:

  • Presence pot - an internal trimmer on the original, now an optional (and very worthwhile) external pot. Highly recommended.
  • Clipping selection - added an optional board-mounted toggle switch and a couple of extra diode spots for alternatives to the stock LED clipping. Go nuts!

We've also designed the board with Mark M's slightly modified tone control, but you can easily go back to stock with a single jumper wire.

Designed for vertical mount pots (which have round shafts), or you can wire up normal pots if you prefer.

Please take note of the different box layouts. If you want a 3-knob version with centralised tone control you can only have this with wired pots. Please add a note when ordering if this is the case style you'd prefer.

Clipping pack includes toggle switch, SIL sockets and a selection of extra diodes - 2x1N34A, 3x1N4148, 2xBAT46, 2x blue LEDs

Partial kit: PCB, all board-mounted components, pots.

Full kit: As above, plus footswitch and appropriate daughterboard/components for your selected bypass type (see Downloads section for details of those), jack sockets, DC socket, battery snap, hook-up wire, LED.

Enclosure (pre-drilled) is only available with full kits, and will not take a battery. Knobs are not included.

Builds are only available with full kits including enclosures. Please choose appropriate knobs.

Difficulty: Medium

PCB size: 50 x 40mm

Knobs required: 3/4

Enclosure: 1590B

Direct-Connect compatible (4-way)



Pedal Parts


£30.00 inc. tax

£25.00 ex. tax
? Tax based on United Kingdom.

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Great Overdrive 5 product stars
"Easy build and you can get a great variety of tones out of this pedal with the 4 knobs and optional different clipping stage. Think really overdriven Marshall type sounds" Nick P - 01/06/2018

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Full kits DO NOT include enclosures unless you select them in the 'Kit Type' drop-down menu.

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