Big Muff Pi - Bass Blender

Our contribution to the happiness of bass players everywhere... a Big Muff circuit with an on-board clean blend, optional mids control and optional first-stage diode lift switch.

The same circuit variations as our standard Muff kit are available as a starting point. The clean blend is FET-based, the same our our Blender kit.

You have four options for the Tone section:

  • standard with no mids control
  • standard (3n9 cap) with mids pot
  • AMZ Presence mods V1
  • AMZ Presence mods V2

For more details on the two AMZ versions have a read of this.

Lifting the first set of diodes gives a much more open, less compressed sound. Particularly useful for bass.

Kits available for the following versions of this classic:

  • 70's (3rd) version
  • Green Russian
  • Black Russian
  • Civil War Russian
  • Tall Font Green Russian
  • Ram's Head
  • Triangle
  • Violet Ram's Head
  • V3 79#2 (Mascis)
  • Creamy Dreamer
  • Stoned cleric
  • NYC Reissue

Mascis model doesn't have the tone bypass that was on the original. Creamy Dreamer doesn't include the ludicrous power filtering of the original.

What's the difference in the above versions? That's a website all to itself, and whaddayaknow? There IS a fantastic resource on all-things-Muff. Kit Rae's Big Muff Page is a great read.

All this fuzzy fun in a 1590B enclosure. Fat muff in a skinny body. Sweet.

You have the option to go for vertical-mount pots that slot straight into the pcb( these have a round shaft, so take that into consideration when buying knobs - you'll need some that fit with a grub-screw), or you can wire in standard splined-shaft pots.

Pot spacing is tight, so you'll need small knobs - 17mm or less diameter - if you're including the mids pot.

Kit includes: PCB, all components, hook-up wire, 3PDT footswitch for true bypass, jack sockets, DC socket, battery snap, LED. Enclosure (pre-drilled) is optional and will not take a battery. Does not include knobs.

Difficulty: Medium

PCB size: 50 x 50mm

Knobs required: 4/5

Enclosure: 1590B

Direct Connect compatible (4-way)

Check Specials for powder-coated enclosure availability.



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£32.00 ex. tax
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Your Quest Ends Here! 5 product stars
"Fantastic! I went for the Civil War with diode switch and AMZ V1. Absolutely awesome for bass. It immediately became my favorite fuzz. So many tone possibilities with this thing! If I ever decide to build a different flavor, it will be this Fuzz Dog kit for sure." Pete - 11/04/2017

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