3PDT True Bypass Daughterboard

Hot! 3PDT True Bypass Daughterboard

**NOTE: THESE NOW COME AS STANDARD WITH ALL KITS** - no need to buy them separately (as of 5pm Friday 9th December).

Daughterboard to make your switch wiring a doddle.

We're gradually redesigning all of our PCBs so that the IN, OUT, V and G pads correspond directly to those on these daughterboards - what we've called 'Direct Connect'. This enables the use of straight wire runs, or even dinky little ribbon cable connections, between your main board and the footswitch. Keeps things very neat and very quick.

Of course you can use these for non-Direct Connect builds too.

Most of the PCBs are set up for a 4-way connection, but some will also take a 6-way, giving you extra options for where to run your jack wires from.

Standard hook-up wire or ribbon cable can be used (2.5mm spacing)

The current limiting resistor and LED are also on-board, giving a convenient way of mounting the LED without a bezel.

Now 1590A compatible!

PCB size: 33 x 22mm


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Customer Reviews

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What a relief! 5 product stars
"This made building the SunnyT kit I just made so much easier. It looks neater with the ribbon cable and just makes sense. I'm getting one with every kit that needs a footswitch now. Thanks Lee. Legend. :-)" Mick Jones - 31/08/2016
Neat way to wire up the 3PDT switch 5 product stars
"One of my first builds was a POW which I used to overdrive a muff for a DG/PF sound. I think the switch packed in (probably over heated it as it was first build). So I bough a new switch and one of these. The POW needed a 9v to 18v converter, but mine died (the IC was hot). Not a problem as I had a 18v supply. This had left a load of wires wrapped up in heat shrink all over the insides of my unit, not a pretty sight and possibly a source of a tranny wrecking short. This board allowed my to neatly hook up my input and output sockets, the PSU and the board very neatly, getting rid of all that heat shrink! Not my POW switch is working a treat! Highly recommended for a first time build (as it's bloody awkward to solder in place." Andy Gaffey - 02/06/2016
Wiring UP Made Simple. 5 product stars
"If, like me, you really hate fiddling about with tiny bits of wire on the back of 3PDT switches you need to use one of these in your build. It also provides a better fitting of the LED. Worth every penny." Steve - 24/04/2016

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