Mad Mule - Neil Young's Weld and Rust tones in a box

Hot! Mad Mule - Neil Young's Weld and Rust tones in a box

Boutique pedal designed to capture Neil Young's live tone in a small metal box. Ok, you'll also need a lot of tube amp wattage, and big stage and some fat riffs, but this pedal will take you a step in the right direction.

This ingenious circuit combines both fuzz and overdrive to offer up a whole stack of different tone. The voltage starve control mixes things up a whole lot more. Hours of experimentation fun.

Board-mounted pots for minimal wiring and easy enclosure mounting.

Pot spacing is 21mm - please take that into consideration when choosing knobs.

Kit includes: PCB, all components, hook-up wire, 3PDT footswitch for true bypass, jack sockets, DC socket, battery snap, LED. Enclosure (pre-drilled) is optional and will not take a battery. Does not include knobs.

Difficulty: Medium

PCB size: 100 x 22mm

Knobs required: 5

Enclosure: 1590B

If you want the kit pre-built you must add the enclosure option below and select your knobs in the Components section. Check Specials for powder-coated enclosure availability.



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£27.00 ex. tax
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Customer Reviews

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The perfect mix of overdrive and fuzz 5 product stars
"Built this from a kit. Must be one of the best pcb's on the site. The layout is very practical and well designed. Easy to build and sounds amazing. Everything from a nice full overdrive through classic fuzz to a nasty squelching meltdown in one box. I experimented a bit with different op-amps and ended up using a Texas Instruments 4558 instead of the one included with the kit. This one stays on the board for a while." Kristian Nordeide - 10/11/2014
Nice Pedal 5 product stars
"This Pedal works as advertised and sounds great. After trying all the others I now buy my kits and PCBs from FUZZ dog. They arrive in Australia at my door in about a week, sound great with useful instructions. The mad mule didn't sound too good when I tested it with a Battery, it must have been flat however cause when I hooked it up with a Power supply it sounds fantastic, lots of saturated fuzz/ drive sounds within. Thanks Poodle!" Jules - 22/10/2014
Zuma to ZZ Top 5 product stars
"Does everything from fuzzy Zuma sounds to scratchy Rust and saturated Weld. Works well with single coils as well as humbuckers. You can even capture that early Billy Gibbons filth tone. Seriously impressive! Thank you Mr Poodle!" Andy M - 09/08/2013

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