Tone Bender Pro MkII

Hot! Tone Bender Pro MkII

Now direct-connect compatible, though the image doesn't show the updated PCB

All-time classic fuzz. Huge, smooth sounds available from this great circuit. Super-saturated lead tones, or great chord work with the guitar volume knocked back.

Supplied with PNP AC128 or 2N404 transistors or you can have the kit without cans if you want to source your own.

You can even swap a couple of components and make yourself a Marshall Supa Fuzz (much fatter, bassier tone than stock) or a Vox Tone Bender MkII (slightly bassier, not a lot).

The circuit has board-mounted pots for minimal wiring and simple enclosure mounting.

Would qualify as easy but you need to adjust two trim pots to bias the transistors. A multimeter is recommended, though you can do it by ear.

Use in conjunction with a Power Pump or the charge-pumped daughterboardif you want to power the PNP version on your standard polarity daisy chain.

Partial kit: PCB, all board-mounted components, pots.

Full kit: As above, plus footswitch and appropriate daughterboard/components for your selected bypass type (see Downloads section for details of those), jack sockets, DC socket, battery snap, hook-up wire, LED.

Enclosure (pre-drilled) is only available with full kits, and will take a battery. Knobs are not included.

Difficulty: Easy-Medium

PCB size: 25 x 22mm

Knobs required: 2

Enclosure: 1590B

Direct-Connect compatible (4-way)

Check Specials for powder-coated enclosure availability.



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Customer Reviews

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TB Pro MkII Supa Fuzz. 5 product stars
"Bought the Supa Fuzz variant. Results as with other reviews are that this is a VERY good pedal. I would recommend this pedal type to anyone interested in getting 'that' sound without breaking the bank. My advice: follow all the tips from Fuzz Dog. If necessary, practice your soldering before hand. Use a good quality fine tip iron. Most important if your a bit rusty is don't rush. Double check the components as you go. Worked for me first time. Will be coming back for more at some stage." Steve - 19/11/2015
Gorgeouzzz 5 product stars
"Assembles very well, paying good attention to the hints in the instructions. For me it all worked at first attempts, both preliminary test connections and final mount. The pedal feels like "heavy duty" and the sound is simply gorgeous. A bit dry with my initial settings (90K for Q2 and 8.2K for Q3). I will leave it there for a while, since I just bought a Vox AC30 and I have to get familiarized with the amp too before fiddling with the Tone Bender." Mikael Berger - 11/02/2015
...victory, is mine (all mine) 5 product stars
"I haven't touched any of my other fuzz pedals since I built this kit...and I see no reason to. This is it. The sound is amazing and rich with harmonics. The kit is easy, and Lee is very helpful (for those times of "user error"). I'd be tempted to say that it's idiot proof. At least this idiot managed to pull it off, and is very happy as a result." Erik - 15/04/2012

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Full kits DO NOT include enclosures unless you select them in the 'Kit Type' drop-down menu.

Don't forget to download the appropriate daughterboard build document for your kit:
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