Moo-Tron Auto Filter PCB

Please see the kit page for full description.

Direct Connect compatible (4 or 6 way)

PCB size: 80 x 60mm



£7.20 inc. tax

£6.00 ex. tax
? Tax based on United Kingdom.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent circuit, I recommend buying a Kit 5 product stars
"Mutron iii is the one. No one makes a close enough copy (that lovely liquidy recovery)and the difference is worth making one for. Not an instant gratification but once you've mastered the balances between, your guitar volume and the gain and volume on the pedal to surf the sweet spots, you have a full range of beautiful forward and reverse wah's that are as liquid and organic sounding as demos of the real unit ranging from the comfort zone of the traditional wah range to extreme mosquitos with all of the ranges set to high. I'd buy a kit if you can, the vactrols are becoming hard to find and unless you can find the exact pots and rotary switch you'll have the fun of four pots, two switches and a 15 lug rotary switch to offboard wire which is no kind of fun." Joey Chickenskin - 26/05/2016

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