Dumb Lloyd

Highly-hyped, highly priced Dumble-in-a-box.

Is it good? Yes, its good. Is it original? Well, no. Unless tweaking a Tube Screamer can be considered original. No wonder there's so much goop on them.

It's a very responsive overdrive, and considering the TS architecture it's remarkably un-TS-like.

Huge gain range, from a touch of drive to full-on oomph, and the tone shaping is very tweakable with the addition of the 'Accent' pot.

Now with its own dedicated PCB designed for vertical-mount pots, though you can wire up normal ones if you prefer.

Includes a spot for the extra cap required for the Jazz/Rock switch, though you'll have to buy the switch seperately and drill the hole yourself.

Partial kit: PCB, all board-mounted components, pots.

Full kit: As above, plus footswitch and appropriate daughterboard/components for your selected bypass type (see Downloads section for details of those), jack sockets, DC socket, battery snap, hook-up wire, LED.

Enclosure (pre-drilled) is only available with full kits, and will not take a battery. Knobs are not included.

Difficulty: Medium

PCB size: 50 x 34mm

Knobs required: 4

Enclosure: 1590B

Direct Connect compatible (4 way)

Build doc on the way


Here's the older version


Pedal Parts



£33.60 inc. tax

£28.00 ex. tax
? Tax based on United Kingdom.

Customer Reviews

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Brilliant pedal - and exceptional customer service 5 product stars
"The Dumb Lloyd is my first Fuzz Dog build (except for the extremely useful test rig). I had the whole circuit board rigged and tested within a couple of hours. Testing the pedal, I found that the accent pot is "all or nothing". I got in touch with Fuzz Dog on a Saturday afternoon and received.a reply within minutes confirming that it isn't expected behaviour from the pedal and with suggestions and guidance to resolve. Can't get any better than that. The pedal itself has a very transparent character. Turning up the gain, the sound is is fat and notes bloom with a really clear character there's a decent level of overdrive available and the headroom at low gain settings is unbelievable. I've not yet tried a Dumble but if the feel of the pedal is anything to go by (very fast, responsive and fat) then they're worth every penny :) The pedal is a shade dark for my liking at standard settings but pushing the treble control control as high as it goes gives a level of cut and brilliance without being ice-pick-to-the-brain bright (my accent control at full on achieves that sound perfectly!). When I figure out what I've done wrong with the Accent this pedal will be absolutely perfect and won't be leaving my pedal board. All in all, a great build: I had issues (most likely my inexperience building and fault finding) and Fuzz Dog's swift responses were exceptional in trying to help me get it sorted and the quality of the soundes on offer are better than any of the commercially available pedals on my board." Andy C - 06/05/2017

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