Quiet Boost

If you love a Super Hard-On™ but think the crackle is not ok, look no further.

Despite the name, this babe is anything but quiet. It'll knock your speaker out given half a chance. All the oomph of the SHO but with no biasing crackle from the FET. Sweet!

Push your amp into submission.

Note: The level on this effect goes from just above unity up to outrageous - there is no turning it down below unity.

Board-mounted pot for minimal wiring and easy mounting in the enclosure.

Kit is available with a standard sized 1590B enclosure with battery, or a mini 1590A (36 x 90mm) enclosure with DC power only, though be aware that you'll be wiring in a very confined space.

Kit includes: PCB, all components, hook-up wire, 3PDT footswitch for true bypass, jack sockets, DC socket, battery snap, LED. Enclosure (pre-drilled) is optional - 1590B will take a battery, 1590A will not. Does not include knobs.

Difficulty: Easy

PCB size: 25 x 22mm

Knobs required: 1

Enclosure: 1590B, 1590A

Direct Connect compatible (4 way)

If you want the kit pre-built you must add the enclosure option below and select your knobs in the Components section. Check Specials for powder-coated enclosure availability.



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£18.00 inc. tax

£15.00 ex. tax
? Tax based on United Kingdom.

Customer Reviews

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Just like the title says - "Quiet Boost" 5 product stars
"VERY quiet. I built the Boner Boost last month, and I like this one better. It gets a little more crunchier when u max it out (going into an 18 watt Hawkins marshall clone, single channel amp with volume, tone and gain: that's it). Which, for a mug like me, works perfectly. Buy this boost, it will NOT disappoint you!!!" damnedcat777 - 15/04/2017
Very good boost 5 product stars
"Was my first ever build, very easy, worked first time. Fantastic boost especially compared to some which are almost triple the price. Very fast delivery, all parts included were there. I ordered the drilled enclosure too which was perfect." Hav - 29/05/2014
Very loud indeed 5 product stars
"I own a BYOC Triboost, and this Quiet Boost is louder than all of them. Simple build, very compact, unity gain on minimum setting which I didn't expect. Very transparent, a bit noisy towards the end but it's just amplifying all the crap of my setup, plus if you need THAT much of a boost you're doing something wrong. I was so tempted to put this in my guitar. It would be quite a secret weapon." Alan - 04/05/2014

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