Disorder Drive

Obsessed with tone? Playing guitar a Compulsion? You need the Disorder.

Based on one of the most popular overdrive pedals available, this open-sounding overdrive has incredible pick-response due to a massive dynamic range.

Your amp will thank you.

Latest version of the kit has some sweet new features...

  • Optional on-board charge pump to get 18V running through this beauty from your standard 9V supply
  • Optional toggle switch so you can easily go between 9V and 18V if you have the charge pump installed, rather than hard-wiring it for only 18V.
  • Optional toggle switch to give you extra tonal options. Depending on your choice of extra caps you can make the circuit less or more bassy than stock.

Parts are supplied to make Version 4, though any version can be made with a few part substitutions if you prefer.

All switches - including the High/Low Peak selector - and pots are board-mounted for minimal wiring and easy enclosure mounting. The vertical-mount pots supplied as standard have round shafts, so if you prefer splined you'll need to wire them.

Bass response switch option includes caps for two different less-bass options - take your pick when you build it.

Partial kit: PCB, all board-mounted components, pots.

Full kit: As above, plus footswitch and appropriate daughterboard/components for your selected bypass type (see Downloads section for details of those), jack sockets, DC socket, battery snap, hook-up wire, LED.

Enclosure (pre-drilled) is only available with full kits, and will not take a battery. Knobs are not included.

Builds are only available with full kits including enclosure and vertical-mount pots. Please choose appropriate knobs.

Difficulty: Medium

PCB size: 50 x 50mm

Knobs required: 3

Enclosure: 1590B

Direct-Connect compatible (4-way)


Here's the older version


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£28.80 inc. tax

£24.00 ex. tax
? Tax based on United Kingdom.

Customer Reviews

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Cracking pedal, watch out for impedance issues though .... 5 product stars
"The kit is fantastic as always. As for the circuit: PROS - Sounds incredible at pretty much any setting, and is different to all my other dirt pedals, definitely a keeper. CONS- The output impedance caused me problems when I put the pedal on my board. The pedal was quieter than it should have been until I punched in a delay after it and then it blasted back up to expected volume. I've built a buffer to go after the drive to solve the problem. I don't think the 500k volume pot helps. People with the earlier versions (100k) probably don't notice. It sounds fine straight into the amp or the closer to full volume you get. Not really cons but for me I leave the tone all the way up which doesn't seem normal and also I can't hear any real benefit with the bass mod switch after trying all the caps. But like I said brilliant kit, easy and neat to build and can't fault the sound." Alan - 13/01/2017
fantastic pedal, great support 5 product stars
"the pedal sounds fantastic and fuzzdog's support is always faster than light! I've done many fuzzdog kits, all great kits. maybe the led-bezel could be better." giorgio - 22/10/2015
Disorder Drive 5 product stars
"Another superb kit supplied by Fuzzdog built with the 18v pump and bass switching,really touch sensitive pedal which I like and the sound this bad boy makes is glorious...highly recommend pedal to build." Mark - 03/09/2015
I built mine for Bass and it's REALLY good! 5 product stars
"I built mine with the extra bass and 18v switches...It was an easy build. My board mounted pots needed a bit of card behind them because they earthed with the main circuit at first. Construction was fairly easy. This pedal is very versatile on bass, turn down the gain and it's a clean boost (although a slight bass cut, even with the 47uF cap). But it's slight. The Overdrive is quite dynamic and very smooth sounding, it's easy to dial in very light break up right through to "full on" hogh gain fuzz land. It also reacts to playing well. It adds a nice bright component to my tone and it works very well with my fretless (loaded with flatwounds). This has become one of my favorite OD's on bass. If I was going to rehearsal with just one OD...I might take this one." Gareth Cooper - 06/06/2015
fantastic kit 5 product stars
"This pedal sounds fantastic. I've never played through the pedal this is based so can't comment how accurate the tone is. However, this pedal sounds very articulate and clear, is very responsive to guitar volume changes, and has tons of bass response. There is plenty of overdrive available, with very little background hum as the gain is turned up. The tone control and voicing switch allow you to dial in any blues or classic rock sound you could want. Highly recommend this kit, really pleased with it and the easy to follow instructions." John - 26/01/2015
Actually lives up to the hype! 5 product stars
"There's a lot of chat about the pedal this is based on, so I approached it with a bit of suspicion. It's actually very, very good. It's an easy build, maybe not best for a beginner, but nothing to worry about - just take care with the germanium diode. I actually built mine as a v3 / v4 hybrid - I used the optional diode from the v4 but the tone cap value from the v3 and I have to say it's really nice. There's a lot of drive available and it's a very fat sound with lots of bass response. Tonally it covers a lot of bases from blues to rock. I'm running mine at 18v which makes the drive a bit smoother sounding." John Roberts - 03/11/2013

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