Direct-Connect pre-stripped ribbon cables, 4, 6, 7 and 9way

Direct-Connect pre-stripped ribbon cables, 4, 6, 7 and 9way

4-way and 6-way ribbon connectors to match up with the 3PDT Direct-Connect Daughterboard and compatible kit PCBs.

7-way connector is available for the Gimp FX Ultr-Fk pcb set.

9-way goes with the FuzzPup 3-Pot Daughterboard.

2" lengths of 0.1 (2.54mm) pitch, 24AWG wires, stripped at both ends and protected with an extra tab of sleeving to keep your wires at the right pitch until use.

The perfect length to connect from footswitch to board, keeping clear of the jacks.

Your builds just got a whole lot quicker and neater!

NOTE: These are great. That's a fact. But they're also quite delicate/brittle. Once in place in a built they'd serve you for years to come, but if you're the kind of builder that twists and bends things here and there in the process you may come unstuck. Once soldered in place they'll withstand some bending, but easy does it. If you're sloppy you may be better off with normal wire.



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Common sense! 5 product stars
"Get a 3PDT Daughterboard and a piece of this stuff, it makes your build so much easier and ends up looking neat and professional. Nice one FuzzDog, once again! :-)" Mick Jones - 31/08/2016

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