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PCB size: 90 x 45mm


Pedal Parts


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Nice! 5 product stars
"This wasn't a bad build at all and it sounds great - especially when you consider the price vs. an original or reissue. Using a 1590b is tight, but the build is smooth as long as you mount the pots and jacks where you're supposed to. I couldn't find the recommended low profile electrolytics and had to angle a couple of mine to clear the pots, but that's on me. Get one! fuzz dog's pcb's are quality." Kam Kelsey - 01/10/2016
Flender PCB review 5 product stars
"Ha! This thing is very cool! I really like the Blend control cuz you can dial in a clean sound with Fuzz in the background. As the note decays the decay becomes more and more Fuzzy :) Besides that you can also get some very wild and wacky sounds out of this. Sounds kinda like a pseudo ring modulation and octave overtones. The PCB seems to be very high quality. I had no trouble building this. I did use a 1590BB box which is larger than the one that comes with the kit, but since I just bought the PCB only, I figured to put it in a larger box for an easy build. I posted some picture on a forum, you can see how I built it here. Thanks!" Dale - 10/10/2015

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