Brian May Treble Boost

Hot! Brian May Treble Boost

Great treble boost that doesn't rely on an unpredictable germanium transistor to do the magic. It'll sound great in your warm home or that freezing cold practice room.

The circuit has a board-mounted pot for minimal wiring and simple enclosure mounting.

Kit is available with a standard sized 1590B enclosure with battery, or a mini 1590A (36 x 90mm) enclosure with DC power only, though be aware that you'll be wiring in a very confined space.

Partial kit: PCB, all board-mounted components, pots.

Full kit: As above, plus footswitch and appropriate daughterboard/components for your selected bypass type (see Downloads section for details of those), jack sockets, DC socket, battery snap, hook-up wire, LED.

Enclosure (pre-drilled) is only available with full kits, and will (1590B) / will not (1590A) take a battery. Choose your option below. Knobs are not included.

Builds are only available with full kits including enclosure. Please choose appropriate knobs.

Difficulty: Easy

PCB size: 30 x 22mm

Knobs required: 1

Enclosure: 1590B, 1590A

Direct-Connect compatible (4-way)


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£18.00 inc. tax

£15.00 ex. tax
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Customer Reviews

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A quick tweek and .... Ta-Daa 5 product stars
"Ordered Monday afternoon and arrived Tuesday morning. It's a very easy build and I put it in an old 1950a enclosure I'd used for something else. By 'eck there was a LOT of treble and it didn't fit in with my rig at all. mmmm - after looking at various of the boost schematics on the Fuzzdog site and a rummage through my parts drawer I replace C1 and C2 with 10nF capacitors and... Ta-Daa. Brilliant - absolutely spot-on fabulous. It doesn't make me sound like ol' badger head but in to one of the poodles Pixel Drives it does exactly what it should do. It's not louder as such, it just stands out more, and the volume pot really is your friend. I can't say if it would 'cut through' the mix but I'm very happy with it. I'm eyeing up an English Channel!" ColinB - 20/03/2018
A really good product 5 product stars
"Delivery is really fast. Very easy to assemble. The sound is great along with a Red Special. Thanks." Dan C. - 05/12/2016
great pedal, great support 5 product stars
"the pedal sounds great and fuzzdog's support is always faster than light! I've done many fuzzdog kits, all great kits. maybe the led-bezel could be better." giorgio - 22/10/2015
A must for any AC30 owner 5 product stars
"Great little kit - went together quickly and worked first time. Possibly not ideal for the first time builder - the pcb is small and soldering needs to be tidy. A bit fiddly too for those of us whose eyesight isn t what it was. Great sound!" Will - 28/05/2015
Treble assisted perm... 5 product stars
"This is awesome! Its treble goes up to "its killing my dog", so be careful! The pcb is lovely, it was here in a couple of days, and it works very well. Do yourself a favour, buy a digital multimeter and a kit from this guy. I want the vox repeater next. Worth every penny, thanks. M" Michael J - 18/03/2015
BMTB 5 product stars
"Ordered this Monday evening, arrived Wednesday, built and tested Friday. This is my second kit and it will not be my last. It does what it says spot on. Cheers FuzzDog you rock my tone. Here's to my next order." Neil Quarrell. - 13/03/2015
Very Good Product - Could Do With More Instructions 4 product stars
"The kit arrived 2 days after I purchased it (I bought it on a Sunday), very good packaging, everything came looking like it had just been pulled out a box (which it had, so thats good), I was shocked and worried at first when there was no sight of instructions, but i found them under 'Downloads' the instructions were easy-ish to follow, they could be better if they have pictures of each component by its name (especially the resistors) because it can be confusing. But i then realised the big picture at the top would solve my worries, it was very easy to put together, and this is my first pedal kit build, so it isnt that bad of a build. I use it with a Brian May Guitars Red Special and a Vox AC15C1 and i can tell you, this little box (that you have made) is wonderful, makes every note you play sound like the man with bushy hair! Overall excellent product, just the issues with the instructions can get very confusing, so would be great if that was sorted, as I'm thinking about buying another one as a spare!" Joe - 10/03/2015
good kit but maybe not for first build? 5 product stars
"Don't get me wrong a great well put together kit, however i don't think its suited to first time builders. Possibly a more in depth instruction manual is required for anything described as ideal for your first build? Sadly all i have ended up with is broken parts and frustration. i will have to order more parts to try it again." ben - 31/12/2013
Brian May Boost 5 product stars
"My first build from poodle's kits. I like it, nice small pedal and great idea that the PCB hangs from the pot. Good quality parts and wires. PCB board is very small so I think it's good to have decent solderings skills. You could add the resistors colour codes to their values, so it would be even easier to build for beginners. But still, a GREAT kit and I am certainly buyin more poodle's kits!!" Antti - 11/02/2013
Great Boost 5 product stars
"Built at the weekend. Worked first time. Sounds amazing!! Job done! Seriously impressed. Will order again." Mark - 14/12/2012

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