Fuzz Face

Does the Fuzz Face really need an introduction? Well, this latest version does...

Two different PCBs are available with the kit. The original board-mounted pot version is ideal for the simplest way to build a NPN version, or a PNP build that can't be daisy-chained for power.

The newer DogFace PCBs include an optional voltage inverter so you can use PNP cans and still daisy chain your power.

All-time classic fuzz heard on a zillion classic recordings. The bedrock of many a classic tone.

Kit versions available are:

  • AC128 (PNP Germanium)
  • 2N404 (PNP Germanium)
  • JoBo (PNP Germanium - Russian)
  • AC176 (NPN Germanium)
  • BC108 (NPN Silicon)
  • No cans please - I have some sweet action of my own.

The PNP versions can be wired positive-ground and used with an isolated power supply, or go for the optional on-board voltage inverter to daisy-chain power with your standard pedals.

The cheaper silicon option gives a slightly harder fuzz - think along the lines of Dark Side of the Moon solos. - a classic sound in its own right.

The basic circuit comes in two flavours: Original and Roger Mayer Hendrix Modded. Mayer has slightly higher output level - recommended for germanium versions which tend to max out at below-unity gain.

The Inverter board also includes extra spots so you can make JB or EJ versions, but you'll have to source your own parts for the EJ until the FuzzDog spies come across the right stuff.

Please make sure you select the right combination of options, i.e. don't order the original PCB along with the Power Inverter parts - it opens up a world of email pain!

JoBo version - this is only available on the DogFace board, as the transistors have a non-standard pinout which it is geared up for.

Partial kit: PCB, all board-mounted components, pots.

Full kit: As above, plus footswitch and appropriate daughterboard/components for your selected bypass type (see Downloads section for details of those), jack sockets, DC socket, battery snap, hook-up wire, LED.

Enclosure (pre-drilled) is only available with full kits, and will take a battery. Knobs are not included.

Difficulty: Easy

PCB size: 50 x 22mm

Knobs required: 2

Enclosure: 1590B

Direct Connect compatible (4-way)

DogFace with Inverter - INSTRUCTION PDF

Original version - INSTRUCTION PDF


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£26.40 inc. tax

£22.00 ex. tax
? Tax based on United Kingdom.

Customer Reviews

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Might buy 5 product stars
"Can you wire it into a guitar and if so any tips?" James R - 25/12/2017
Fuzzzzzzz 5 product stars
"Liked it so much i made another. This one I put a input cap blend pot for versatility and made the bias external. Really love the pedal as a 4 knobber. I can get a lot of usable fuzz and OD with the different settings! Super easy build!" Bill - 13/11/2017
Quality pedal kit and A customer service 5 product stars
"My first pedal kit, always wanted a fuzz face but never wanted the price tag that went with an official one. One of the transistors that came with the kit had a broken wire/leg but fuzzdog was extremely helpful and immediately sent me a new one for free. Soldering main circuit was simple enough but I did find connecting all the components inside the enclosure to be a bit of a hassle but nothing I couldn't do, the free daughterboard that came with it made it a lot simpler. Couldn't be happier with the pedal. Will be buying another kit in the future!" Daniel Cain - 31/01/2017
'A Game of Clones' more addictive than a box set. 5 product stars
"This is my second build, the first being the Tonebender MkII (Marshall Supa Fuzz). I now have 'clones' of two iconic pedals and valuable building experience too. For this pedal I used a pair of BC183L's with the bias set at 5v. I installed ic sockets for the trannies so I can try other ones for comparison. I popped in a smoothing cap on Q1 (marked 47) to help take out most of the fizz and the result is sonic awesomeness in an innocent little casing for which the family and neighbours are extremely grateful. Whether by accident or design the pedal makers in the sixties got the mix just right in these two pedals as did the guys a decade before that with the Strat and the LP. We owe them a lot and we owe Fuzz Dogs huge thanks for keeping things affordable and fun." Steve - 17/04/2016
this is a really well thought out kit,great for peeps who are new to pedal building! ! 5 product stars
"I went for the npn ac176 germanium build with roger m mods kit and it was a lot of fun putting together such a well thought out kit, the pcb is a two sided pro standred board that made soldering so easy,..the downloadable pdf instuctions tell you everything you need to know about the build you chose weather it be a npn or pnp build you chose..I couldnt recommend this enough for frist time pedal builders as you have the fun or putting it together and understanding how the circuit works plues at the end you have a vintage voiced fuzz...high quality parts,matched transistor (my kit had marked transistors for Q1 & Q2)...all I can say is I cant wait to order the shin ei fy - 6 kit :-)" Daniel Allan - 05/04/2015
Awesomely fuzzy pedal 5 product stars
"Went with the germanium neg ground version to go with my recently bought crybaby - fabulously dirty sound, absolutely amazing pedal - thanks again!!!" Penny - 31/03/2014
Everyone should have one of these. 5 product stars
"I went for the 'Hendrix / Mayer' version with 2n404 transistors and it took about half an hour to build, including the biasing which was simple. It sounds great - thick and plenty of bass response. It cleans up well from the guitar's volume control, allowing some nice Hendrixy rhythm sounds, although the pedal itself sounds best with the gain control all the way up. Surprisingly, it handles chords without turning too mushy. One important point though - it doesn't like being behind a buffer as it messes with the input impedance." John Roberts - 08/12/2013
Fuzz face 1st build 5 product stars
"Always wanted a fuzz face pedal? Me too! want to pay 100? NO WAY! Have I built a pedal before or do I have any experience in soldering circuit boards etc? NO! So, if, like me, you want to achieve fuzzy nirvana, then buy one of these kits, go search you tube etc to find out about soldering, buy yourself a decent soldering iron, not a cheap 5 one off the market stalls, take a deep breath and take your time to assemble what is a very good,easy to assemble, solid, well thought out kit at a fantastically decent price. I am now the proud owner of an authentic sounding fuzz face pedal.If you get stuck, use the contact section to send a message and you will get all the info you need. If you get stuck on resister values, there are lots of apps out there for iphone etc, so go look. So many thanks to poodle for such a great web site and range of products. I'll be back!" alan hodges - 26/05/2013
Fuzz Face 5 product stars
"I purchased one of these kits as my first attempt at building my own FX pedal, it arrived swiftly and well packaged. Built it today in a little under 4 hours and it sounds great, needs a little tweaking and a paint job, but other than that it will be used at my next gig in a few days time. Many thanks to Lee for the great service, I've got the bug now so I'll be ordering more kits from Poodle's Pedal Parts in the future" Rik Stewart - 17/02/2013
Fuzz-a-licious 5 product stars
"I play Hendrix, Cream etc. Wanted Germanium. Didn't want to pay stupid. This pedal sounds AWESOME (and yes, CAPS LOCK is cruise control for cool). Easy build, great quality materials. Highly recommended." Rob - 23/01/2013
Unbeatable 5 product stars
"I went for the 2n404 option and modded mine slightly with a surface mount bias pot (which I highly recommend and for more than just glitchiness). I was truly surprised at how good what I'd just built sounded . I've built a Big Muff and a Super Fuzz before and this is my favourite of the 3 by far. Neutrik jacks, alpha pots, good trannies.....for the price these are unbeatable." Ben - 14/04/2012
Fuzz Face Kit - Clone 5 product stars
"If you're reading this you're obviously interested, so let me make this real easy... This is a superb clone kit with authentic tone reproduction; I bought the full ensemble, real quality components, professionally packaged and next day delivery from a reliable seller who cares enough to back it all up with first class after-sales service. Go on, not only will you enjoy the build, there's the added pleasure of great tones from a hand wired piece of kit..." Greg - 04/01/2012
Fuzz Face DIY kit 4 product stars
"Good fuzz kit, ALPHA Pots, good quality jacks. The fuzz was a little weak with classic combo AC 128 and also with 2N404 even combo, maybe my choice should have been for hotter trans! The 2 mini-caps could have been larger ones, there's enaugh room for better ones. Altogether a good quality kit for starters as I am; excellent instructions!" Daniel - 13/12/2011

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