Disorder Drive

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Direct Connect compatible (4 way)

PCB size: 50 x 50mm


Pedal Parts


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£4.00 ex. tax
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Disorderly Conduct 5 product stars
"I built the circuit board and drilled my own enclosure for this one where investing in some magnifying glasses with an integral light really helped. Construction is easy enough and I opted for the additional Ge diode but left out the voltage doubling charge pump as I already have one of the originals and use it at 9Volts with no problem. The kit worked perfectly and I think the extra diode does help by introducing a slight asymmetry into the clipping. This is one that will be going into my main pedalboard as the OCD upon which it is based really works for me. If you need a pedal that goes from almost clean to classic rock and blues and that responds well to volume control changes, you should like this a lot." Paul White - 14/08/2017

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