OptoPuss - Optical True Bypass PCB

Daughterboard to make your switch wiring a doddle.

We're gradually redesigning all of our PCBs so that the IN, OUT, V and G pads correspond directly to those on these daughterboards - what we've called 'Direct Connect'. This enables the use of straight wire runs, or even dinky little ribbon cable connections, between your main board and the footswitch. Keeps things very neat and very quick.

Of course you can use these for non-Direct Connect builds too.

Most of the PCBs are set up for a 4-way connection, but some will also take a 6-way, giving you extra options for where to run your jack wires from.

Standard hook-up wire or ribbon cable can be used (2.5mm spacing)

Why choose an optocoupler switching system rather than a normal 3PDT? A couple of reasons. Firstly the footswitch used (Alpha DPDT) has much less 'clunk' than a 3PDT. Many people like a good, sturdy clunk, some don't. It's really down to personal preference. Secondly, the optical system can reduce popping when the circuit is engaged.

Compatible our 1590A kits too!

PCB size: 25 x 23mm

Build doc on the way.

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