Morning Wood Drive PCB

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Direct Connect compatible (4 way)

PCB size: 50 x 40mm


Pedal Parts


£4.80 inc. tax

£4.00 ex. tax
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Customer Reviews

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Excellent overdrive and plays well with others, particularly after others 5 product stars
"My videos with this pedal can be seen here: I have two that feature it, one where it is played alone and one where it follows another hand built pedal. Today I placed it after a fuzz pedal that has very Tone Bender-like qualities: lots of fuzzy sizzle but not a strong bottom end on my bass' low E, and getting very fuzzy without much notedefinition. The Morning Wood tightened those low notes right up, giving plenty of definition despite the overdrive and fuzz. Great! It's one of the better pedals I've paired with others,following them as additional gain boost, tonal control, or definition adder, as the video with the Blues Breaker shows." Andrew G. Oltsch - 13/02/2018

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