Main PCB / Daughterboard PCB set.

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PCB size: 50 x 50mm / 24 x 32mm


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Amazing drive ! 5 product stars
"Lastly I built some drive pedal clones on PCBs or Vero (MXR Dist +, Green Russian Big Muff, ...) and I was looking for a nice Klon PCB to taste the hype around this drive. The best PCBs available IMHO are the Aion Refractor and this one. Having the 3PDT integrated to the board is a really amazing feature, making the boxing very easier ! I choosed a 125B box, but I plan to shrink it in a 1590B. I sourced my own parts and had some trouble finding the right voltage regulator IC. I ordered an ICL7660S as recommended, but had some bad sqealing with higher gain settings. I swapped it for a TC1044SCPA and the sqealing just disappeared, making this pedal sounding absolutely AWESOME !!! Diodes are regular 1N34 Ge, I might try 1N270 or even 3mm red LEDs. I also choosed to make a 4-knob clone, separating Gain end Blend, which really increases the setting possibilities. I play mostly metal on an ENGL Powerball head. As a clean boost, the Klone does a great job ! Drives are sweet and bluesy. I use it a lot on my crunch chanel to get a MEAN overdrive/distortion sound. This thing CAN do METAL ! Of course you'll need a badass amp and put the Klone in front of it, charging hard the preamp like you have a guitar on steroids. I can hear every chord sound at 200% and feel my guitar in behind. Transparent IS the word ! I played a lot on TS, but haven't found a particular flavour to it. The Klone smashed my TS out of the board. Keep on doin' great projects like this one guys, you ROCK !" Wilhelm - 29/06/2017

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