GimpFX Psycho - Silicon Fuzz with Attitude!

Psycho does not want to be your friend.

Psycho wants to tear your guitar signal a new ass.

Thick, meaty fuzz tones with a single Grunt knob controlling volume and gain in one. Wind it up until your amp begs for mercy. It'll push it to new limits of crunch.

But wait - this thing has two knobs...? Indeed. The Girth control gradually lets more bottom end into the circuit, changing the whole character of the fuzz as it goes. Wind it right back and you have tone that is thick but focussed. Twisting it clockwise gives you progressively more bass, and with it more break-up and thick, stoner doom crackle. It even gets into bass-friendly territory at the far end of the turn.

To tempt you bass-heads even more, there's an option to add a clean blend circuit on a third knob. What's not to love?

Blacker than black textured powder coating with sweet screen print. What more could you want?

True Bypass.

Power: 2.1mm 9V DC, Tip-Negative



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