GimpFX - Filthy Little Pig

GimpFX - Filthy Little Pig

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EVERYONE needs a Fuzz Face. And not just any old crappy silicon job spewed out of a factory, shonkily slapped together, unbiased and generally cack-sounding.

You need a lovingly crafted piece of boutique creaminess, small enough to fit in your back pocket or to slot snuggly between your generic Boss and Ibanez boxes.

These little beauties should become your go-to fuzz workhorse. Painstakingly selected transistor pairs, high quality components, perfectly biased but with easy access to the preset to dial in your own preference if you think you know better.

Built to the Roger Mayer / Hendrix configuration to offer higher output level and better fuzz range on lovely PedalParts PCBs.

You'll wonder how you ever did without!

Please consider your power options when selecting your transistors. I won't kid you - the PNP seem to respond better to guitar volume control changes but they're all good.

PNP - work fine with normal 9v 2.1mm centre-negative Boss-style power supplies, but bad things will happen if you add them to the same supply daisy chain as standard negative-ground pedals.

NPN - hey, go nuts. They just plug n play with your other kit. Don't sweat it.

And just to top it off you have a choice of LED colours.


Posted Special Delivery in the UK. Built to order - please allow 7 days for despatch. Knobs may vary.





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DA BEST! 5 product stars
"The BEST deal you can find on this planet! A REAL FUZZ, with all ecellent quality components (especially the transistors)!This is THE pedal to go, you can stick it in your case and you have all you need to jam with your friends or perform in front of a demanding audience! The texture of the sounds you get is completely Hendrix style sounds, the60's, the 70's, the 80's, you have all you need thanks to the capacity of the pedal to clean up real well with the guitar's volume knob! I think the best deal happened to me in a very long long time! Thank you Lee!" Daniel - 15/02/2012

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