Filthy Fack! - Five knobs of fuzz fun!

Filthy Fack! - Five knobs of fuzz fun!

Gimp FX-built five-knobber germanium fuzz fun. Oscillates nicely for whacky times, or will produce smooth fuzz tones with some more subtle use of the compression, gate and stability controls.

Bare metal enclosure with black print, or go for the unembelished option if you don't like the style.

True Bypass.

Power: 2.1mm 9V DC, Tip-Negative




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sleep is for puzziez 5 product stars
"I've had my filthy fack for little less than a week and already relapsed into insomnia...just cant leave this box of filth alone! The amazing build quality is matched only by what it can do, my only irk is that it did'nt come with a jar of horlicks ;) Joking aside i am absolutely in awe of what Gimp fx is doing here. Top quality parts and expertly put together. How lucky are we (people on a budget) to have Gimp in our domain!! Never been so satisfied with a product in all my life and i mean that. Next on the menu..Fat freak. Oh yeah!!!" dan - 16/04/2013
Thank fuzz for that! 5 product stars
"Ok. I once owned a real hand painted FF. I talked myself into selling it because I was disgusted by how much it cost. I then started to miss it. Well, let me tell you, the one you can buy here is just as good. Creates all the same squeals, crackles and fuzzy textures. Beautifully put together inside and feels like it will last a lifetime. Many thanks, I'm very happy with this." Dean - 11/07/2012

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