1N34A Diodes - genuine NOS vintage

1N34A Diodes - genuine NOS vintage

Only the best for FuzzDog's customers. Most 1N34A diodes that are readily available (including those sold with the kits) are of modern manufacture to meet a demand. Nothing wrong with that, but for added mojo points you can now easily get hold of some prime, vintage NOS real deal beauties.

Do they sound any different? Up to your ears to decide.

This is a one-off bulk purchase, so grab them while you can. When they're gone...

Please note - these are very delicate, and care must be taken when bending the legs. Always hold the leg with needle-nose pliers close to the glass body and bend the leg from the other side. Never bend the leg in such a way as to apply any stress to the glass case. Use a heat sink when soldering.

Pitch: 10mm


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