Tone Ripper

Hybrid Si/Ge fuzz to rip the soul out of your tone. Luckily it adds a whole lot of evil to fill the void.

Based on a 3-knob Tone Bender, the first two germanium transistors have been replaced with a single high-gain silicon can. This feeds into a final-stage germanium to give you that growly warmth missing from a full silicon circuit. The result is a lot more agressive than you'd expect from a 3KTB, but still has the range and response of that old favourite. Cleans up nicely with the guitar volume control. Perfect stoner territory.

Designed for board-mounted pots (round shaft - you'll need set-screw fitting knobs), but you can wire in 'normal' splined shaft if you prefer. It's the kind of pedal some people might like in a massive box.

NOTE: does require a small hack for now. See that ceramic cap next to the ribbon cable? That needs to straddle the IN and GND pads. Will be fixed when these boards a gone, but it's such a tiddler that it didn't seem right to bin this lot.

Kit includes: PCB, all components, hook-up wire, 3PDT footswitch for true bypass, jack sockets, DC socket, battery snap, LED. Enclosure (pre-drilled) is optional and will take a battery. Does not include knobs.

Difficulty: Medium

PCB size: 50 x 30mm

Knobs required: 3

Enclosure: 1590B

Direct Connect compatible (4 way)

If you want the kit pre-built you must add the enclosure option below and select your knobs in the Components section. Builds only available with the board mounted pot option. Check Specials for powder-coated enclosure availability.


EQD Tone Reaper


Pedal Parts



£31.20 inc. tax

£26.00 ex. tax
? Tax based on United Kingdom.

Customer Reviews

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Love love love this pedal! 5 product stars
"I was curious to see how well silicon and germanium would play together in the one build. Very, very well indeed. Lots of gain on tap with a tonebender soul. I a/b it against a boutique UK builder Mk iV and it compares brilliantly. Really useable tone control from thin to thick and oozy. It does clean up well, but I don't care- crank the fuzz and kick out the jams, motherf@cker!" BrettS - 18/06/2017

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