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Enlightened Overdrive - Dumble in a Box

Product Code: EnlightOD
Enlightened Overdrive - Dumble in a Box
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Add pre-drilled enclosure?

You want it pre-built?

Enlightened Overdrive - Dumble in a Box Summary

Take a look at what's involved - download the instruction PDF here.

As with all my kits, this includes EVERTHING you need to do the insides, including the transistors, jack sockets, potentiometers, hook-up wire, PCB, DC-socket, 3PDT footswitch. Just add solder and patience.

Robben Ford? Dumble? Familiar names, and here's a kit of a familiar pedal to kick you in the right sonic direction to achieve that tone.

What is it? Can't mention names, but here we have a slick, smooth, medium-gain overdrive that will respond to your playing dynamics like it was sitting on your lap.

Debate around the innards of this pedal takes up a lot of interweb space, mainly on choice of op-amp and clipping diodes. The original uses a AD712, but concensus seems to be that the OPA2604 sounds better, so that's what I supply. You can try pretty much any 8-pin op-amp you like until you nail your perfect sound. Clipping is supplied as per original - 2N7000 and BAT41.

The PCB is laid out to allow "cheating vertical pots" - the technique of soldering snipped component legs to the pots to simulate vertical mount units. You can also use header pins available elsewhere in the store. Doing this will give you a neat way of mounting the PCB in the box. Of course, it can be conventionally wired too.

Number of knobs required: 4.

The vertical enclosure (if you go for one) is as per the original pedal, with the four pots arranged in a square towards the top .. Knobs not included.  If you want it pre-built you MUST add pre-drilled enclosure too.

TO AVOID CONFUSION, PLEASE NOTE: The kit does not come with an enclosure unless you order the pre-drilled option. Thank you.

Build your own clone of the hermida zen drive
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Customer Reviews
1 review(s) posted (write review) 5 product stars
You need one of these. - Anthony - 01/16/2014
Blimey. As a touch sensitive overdrive this pedal is sublime. The gain is very sensitive to the output of the volume output of the guitar, vintage pickups give gentle OD, high output pups give a bit more, and the way you pick changes the tone/OD - complementing the character of the instrument rather than blanketing it with uniform dirt. Couple it with an other OD to get superb multi channel mayhem. I'm A/Bing this with a 'klon klone', and I'd have to say this is better. The kit was super simple to make, and arrived the afternoon after ordering.

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